My Story

Earl is a singer/songwriter who for the last 25 years has made his home in North Georgia. Growing up in the South, he was influenced by the music of his family as well as the tunes of the times. He learned to play guitar as a means to accompany his singing but soon was captivated by the acoustic sound. As a writer, he draws from these varied musical influences. 

Earl is also a storyteller. He draws you into the stories with his smooth voice and haunting rhythms as his fingers stroke the guitar. From golden maples flickering in the breeze to grits stuck in the lipstick of a sassy Southern belle, his lyrics are vivid with color and creativity. 

The last few years have been quite a whirlwind for Earl as a performer. He was invited to bring his band to Russia for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. There they entertained people from all over the world who gathered for the games. As a writer, his music has also gotten attention. The song “Big Leagues” was selected for the title track of Bluegrass Bands Helping Hands’ third cd which helped raise money for the construction of a baseball field for special needs children. Another favorite, “Grits on Her Lipstick” was included on Scenic City Sampler which features songs and artists from the Chattanooga area. Earl was also honored by the International Bluegrass Musicians Association when they selected him as one of ten songwriters to be featured on their Songwriters Showcase at the IBMA Convention in Nashville. 

His latest recording project, Anthem, is an acoustic interpretation of classic Appalachian hymns. Accompanied by an upright bass, fiddle and resophonic guitar, Earl has experimented with different arrangements and added an Americana feel to the familiar melodies. The acoustic sounds are a nod to the history of the Appalachian region, meant to be experienced in the pews of century-old wooden churches. The release is has been a welcomed delight to music listeners of all ages. 

When not touring with his band or playing solo at singer/songwriter venues, Earl can be heard playing mandolin for Spatial Effects bluegrass band, a regional favorite.